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The mission at Brown Hammer Studios is a simple one, but one that I feel is impactful in the right ways: I aim to provide a pure gaming experience that isn't gated by energy, lives, or ads, ever.For each game that I develop, you can guarantee the following:- I will never run interstitial or banner ads, ever.
- I will never make a game that requires you to pay a penny out of pocket just to continue playing the core game.
- I will, to the very best of my ability, create quality, meaningful games that you want to play because they are enjoyable, not because they are hyper addictive.
Gaming, especially on mobile platforms, has become this abomination of battle passes, microtransactions, and ads, and I will spend every ounce of my energy moving us away from that and Reforging Play.

The Developer

I've known I've wanted to be a game developer for as long as I can remember, and now, after many years of watching time pass me by, I have decided to finally throw my hat into the ring and see what I can do.Over the years, the output of games has been, quite frankly, embarrassing, and I know I can do better. We all can. I hope that I can help push for that change. I know, I know, wishful thinking, right? But someone has to try.My games may not break any records or get nominated for any awards. But they will break this awful mold that we've all been thrust into. This might be the harder path to take, but nothing good ever comes easy. My life in every aspect has been a testament to that, and I don't imagine it's changing anytime soon.When I'm not developing games, I am probably drinking coffee, binging a series on Netflix with my wife, or hanging out with my two beautiful kids.

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I take privacy very seriously. In a day and age where everything you do is trackable and traceable, I am concerned about what is knowingly (and unknowingly) collected and analyzed. That's why I've decided that wherever possible, I absolutely will not collect, store, or sell data, ever. Please note: in order for my games to publish on specific platforms, integration with those platforms is necessary, and in those cases, those providers may collect data (please read the TAC carefully for those cases). I, however, have no use for it, nor do I want it. Your privacy is yours and yours alone. No one should take that from you.


Having issues with one of my games? Have some feedback you want to share? Just want to say "hi?" Feel free to reach out below. I may not get to every message, but I will read everything that comes my way.

Thank you

Thank you for reaching out. While I take every measure to read each and every message that comes my way, I cannot guarantee a response back. Please know that your input and thoughts are valid and valuable to me, and I'm grateful you took the time to write.